Phase 1: Referral Dynamics



We determined that a comprehensive investigation of the current literature concerning referrals in veterinary medicine was necessary to verify what we know and identify what gaps exist.

Our investigation included over 100 publications and looked at the referral dynamics in human medicine and dentistry as well and how those findings could apply to veterinary medicine, especially as it relates to referral ratios (rates), trends, patterns, influencers, and potential.

We are extremely pleased and proud to share our Phase 1 findings, culminating in the publication of this white paper literature review on the current state of referrals in companion animal veterinary medicine. This was prescriptively completed without a lens to any specific stakeholder group so that the results/gaps could speak for themselves.

Furthermore, these gaps would then importantly inform the necessary steps to take for the aforementioned Phase IIa and IIb of our research which is currently launching. The most important findings from our exhaustive white paper review are found in the executive summary, while the full, comprehensive report can be accessed by downloading the white paper.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of VetSOAP.

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