In veterinary medicine—as in human medicine—working in silos is counterproductive to achieving the best-possible patient outcomes. Whether you are a primary care veterinarian or a veterinary specialist, forging referral relationships with other veterinarians in your service area is a best practice that our research affirms can deliver real benefits, including:

  • Help the animals you care for live longer and better—Objective data proves that pets whose health is co-managed by primary care veterinarians and specialists do better than those managed by primary care veterinarians alone.
  • Build a more loyal client base—When their pets receive optimal care and live longer, clients are grateful and feel more bonded to you.
  • Strengthen your practice’s bottom line—When pets live longer and their owners are loyal to your practice, it translates into increased revenue for your practice.
  • Change the conversation—When you educate clients about all the care options that are available to their animals, conversations about their pets’ health shifts from a focus on finances to one of providing optimal care, and positions you as a trusted resource who puts patients first.
  • The entire industry wins, too—When pets thrive, practices do well—and so do all the companies providing veterinary products and services. Collaboration is good medicine—and good business.

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