What is VetSOAP?

VetSOAP (Veterinary Specialists Outreach & Awareness Project) is a nonprofit organization focused on creating a culture of collaboration between primary care veterinarians and veterinary specialists.

Each of us entered the field of veterinary medicine to help animals. It’s a goal we share. However, we have found that doing it all no longer serves our clients or our businesses. The key to growing a successful practice is cooperation. We see this in human medicine, and know that the future of our businesses depends on fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our clients see it too. By educating them about all of the options that are available to their animals, conversations about their pets’ health shifts from a focus on finances to one of providing optimal care. This new model of working as a unified front is advantageous to all members of the veterinary profession. It allows us to grow our businesses and provide the finest care available to animals, and that was why we decided to devote our careers to veterinary medicine in the first place.

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